Bitcoin loophole is crypto trading signals software that works with forex traders.  Bitcoin loophole promises easy wealth for the users, which is certainly NO. The below review has a good amount of evidence to state that Bitcoin loophole method is a scam. It is really important for the users to learn about the trading products and read all the reviews about the products that belong to any Crypto Trader platform before investing their hard earned money.


Why is Bitcoin loophole a scam?


Bitcoin loophole is another scamming software that makes huge financial promises to the users, but it really does not make it, below are the top 5 reasons why:


  • Suspicious website: On registration with this platform, the user will become one of the As soon as the user logged into the website, the design of the site looks suspicious. This application is still under beta testing of the users or third party testers. The creators of this software claim that it uses an automatic software trading tool, but there is no financial freedom given to the users.
  • The creator is fake: In the official video of Bitcoin loophole platform, there was a photo shoot of so-called the creator (Steve McKay), but neither in the video nor in any interviews, the creator has shown up talking nor explaining about their product. Google also does not show anything about Steve McKay, which clearly states that Mr. McKay is just a paid actor for these scammers to cheat the people. It is an easy way to make the new traders believes that it is a genuine
  • Faux Trading signals: The Trading software that Bitcoin loophole handles, used to send random signals for placing an order. Bitcoin loophole is also called as BTC loophole. This trading software shows the asset to trade, the ability, confidence level and valid signal to place an order in the trade for the users. But these signals cannot help the users to understand how long does single trade is going to take? How long does the user need to wait to get the profit or returns? This process is not transparent for the user.
  • Trading signal Quality: Although creators or Bitcoin website claims that the users are making thousands of dollars every day, it is not completely guaranteed that all the users who invested on this trading platform will be able to return high profits. It can either be neutral or sometimes null profit.
  • The software is just a Hype: After registration on their website, users receive tons of phishing emails from different malicious websites and advertising agencies. From a careful study of this website, the verdict is the people behind this platform is using an illegal way to affiliate marketing to cheat thousands of traders around the world.






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