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What Is A Futures Contract – Understand With Examples


Here are a few examples of the futures contract.

Take for example a situation where you enter into an agreement with your cable TV operator to pay him $100 a month for the next year for the services that he provides. You have basically locked in a price and thus even if the cost of offering this service to you increases you still pay just $100 as per the agreement for the tenure of the agreement period.

This is similar to the financial market futures contract. The buyer sets the purchase price well in advance and this saves him from the volatility in the market. Thus in case, there is a rise in the price of the services offered then this does not affect him since he still pays the contract amount. In the financial market, the trader will have a bias whether the asset price should rise or fall in the future. If the trader believes that the price of the asset will rise then he buys a futures contract of the underlying asset. If he believes that the price of the asset will fall then he sells the futures contract of the underlying asset.

In the financial market, let us assume that the trader buys an index futures contract at a set price. This price is guaranteed till the expiration of the futures contract. So if the price of the futures contract goes above the set price you will be able to sell the contract and the difference between the price is your profit. If the price were to fall below the set price then this a loss trade and the loss is the difference of the set price and the price of the futures contract.

Assets that can be traded using the futures contract

The financial market is growing and is also becoming diverse. There is today a wide range of asset classes that can be traded using futures. The major asset classes can be traded using the future contract. This includes stocks, commodities, currencies, and indexes. This is important to know so that the traders can look at other asset classes to trade in the futures contract and thus diversify their portfolio. This will let them tap other market opportunities as well.

Learn more about how to trade on the futures contract. Futures contract magnifies your profits and losses because of leverage so it is important to size your positions accordingly.



All These Things Can Now Be Enjoyed With The Bitcoins

All These Things Can Now Be Enjoyed With The Bitcoins

If you are still debating the idea of investing in the Bitcoins then, stop debating and start acting, as the practical purposes of the Bitcoins are increasing day by day! Bitcoin is not only that sensational currency of the online but that very real digital currency with real benefits, as you can now use them to acquire or enjoy almost, all of your favorite items in the market! So, are you now hurrying to find the best ways to secure them? Then do so, only after checking is it a safe means to avoid scary scams!

  • A good night’s sleep

Oh yeah, a good night’s sleep is certainly, an expensive wish, given our crazy schedules and demanding work hours but, with the proper means, such as the perfect mattress, perhaps, attaining that should not be entirely impossible! That sleep-enhancing mattress can now be bought with the help of your Bitcoins, as the prominent mattress company, ‘GhostBed’ is all eager to accept the payments in Bitcoins!


  • Your needs from A-Z

We depend on several other equipment and goods to enjoy a satisfied living, and all these significant goods, ranging from A-Z can now be procured with the Bitcoins, as the popular online retailer Overstock is all set to accept your Bitcoin payments!


  • Electronics

Electronic gadgets like Computers and Televisions have found an irreplaceable position in our lives, inarguably! What if you could buy them with the help of the “Big Daddy” Bitcoins? Yes, Newegg, the prominent Electronics Retailer, now accepts your Bitcoin payments in exchange for their reliable electronics goods to make your life only easier! Also, Bic Camera, Japan’s largest electronics retailer is a recent Bitcoin-supporter, which means to buy their quality goods your quality Bitcoins are more than sufficient!


  • Microsoft products

Bill Gates might not be so sure of his stand with respect to the Bitcoins, but, his company, the Microsoft is sure of its stand with respect to the powerful Bitcoins, as they are more than happy to receive your Bitcoin payments for all your transactions happened in the Windows Store and/or the Xbox Store!


  • Taxi Rides

Although yet to available worldwide, if you are one among those lucky residents of Argentina or Hungary then, enjoy a taxi ride by just exchanging your Bitcoin for the valuable service!


  • Air Travel

Book your airplane tickets now by using the Bitcoins when you choose the famous travel-booking sites like the Expedia or the!

Thus, almost all of your essential needs can be satisfied by using the Bitcoins, which only proves the Bitcoin’s existence is very real!