Come Back Of Retail

Come Back Of Retail

The year 2017 was overall good for retailers, 2018 will be even better. Let’s check on few predictions.

  1. The brick and mortar store will regain its importance

The report that came up at the beginning of 2017 stating “end of retail business” was extremely overstated, the year was extremely successful for the retail business. Many big retail companies have overextended themselves to make new changes. According to the National Retail Federation, many new retailers have opened up their new stores in the United States. The report says if two stores are closing down than two more are opening up.

  1. Online retailers are working on the twist

In today’s date fast shopping has become an expectation for customers, but in the holiday season of 2017, some of the flaws of these e-commerce commerce companies became visible. To meet the delivery deadline the workers had to do overtime and loads of returns were also on its way. In short 2017 holiday season was advantageous for brick and mortar.

  1. Customer service

In this arena also the physical stores overshadowed the online. The trend is likely to continue if they provide the customers with some outstanding experiences. The store needs to provide some good product demonstrations, the smooth billing process, easy return etc. then 2018 will also be the year for the brick and mortars.

  1. Product transparency

Now the customer gives more emphasis on the experience after they use certain products. So the product they buy should be of social standards and the business should also be done ethically. Sharing the story behind the production of the product, how they were made? Who are the people behind its design etc. will help you to draw the attention of the millennial and generation z customers.

  1. Customer response

Many big retailers are opening up small stores to meet the customer’s personalized requirements. These stores do not have a huge collection of stocks but have a personal stylist who can interact with the customer and can take orders from them. This is a very important point for the small retailers of 2018 that can change their business.

  1. Mobile Pay

Since for many long the mobile pay was on talks for the retail industry, finally this year it may take off, along with it cryptocurrency acceptance may also happen, click here to know more.

So are you ready to take up the challenge of 2018 for your retail store?



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