Why Are Bitcoins still so popular?

There have been so many new cryptocurrencies in the market. An ICO or initial coin offering is where a new venture shares a few of its crypto assets to the traders and thus earn money to boost their venture. This is the first step that marks the birth of a crypto currency. And then people who buy this currency, the way the venture performs in the market, would all determine the growth of the currency. It would determine whether the token issued still remains a token that can be used in limited ways or whether it grows to become a widely accepted currency.

Bitcoin – the pioneer in crypto currency systems

When we talk about crypto currencies most people still can think only about bitcoins. There has been a lot that has changed. But in the beginning, it was just bitcoin and a bunch of optimistic traders. There are now trading bots like Crypto Code and others that can allow users to trade directly with crypto currencies of their choice. Click here to get into the details about this crypto trading bot and how it helps you trade better.

Bitcoin is still a good bet

Some have the wrong notion that bitcoin has already reached its zenith and that there is very little room for growth. We can say that the mindboggling amount of growth it showed in the past few years might actually have slowed down. But that doesn’t mean that the currency is not going to grow further. The value of the currency now is several times higher than the value it held when it was introduced. It has been the most preferred crypto currency. There are still several differences between bitcoin and other currencies.

  • Bitcoins can be used in several places- this is, in fact, the most widely accepted currency for transactions.
  • Bitcoin mining has now expanded and there are various ways in which people do it. Sophisticated mining tools are also available. So if you are someone who feels that mining is going to be difficult then you would be able to use any of these readily available tools.
  • There have been ups and downs in this coins. There are even instances where the coin’s drop in value shocked the investors. But the coin has somehow managed to recover and reclaim its position. So the investors are confident about buying this currency which can withstand a few crashes in the market.


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